Saturday, June 12, 2010

Murphy's Law, Silver Linings, and How Life Changes Off of Little Random Things

So, today I had to work from 7am - 12pm, at the Marriott hotel as a server. That's my summer job, I get to dress up fancy and be a waiter at hotel receptions and the like. It's an okay job with the exception that the people I work for are very unorganized and don't seem to care about us. *shrug*

Murphy's Law: If anyone was awake at 7am, a storm system hit Indy at 6:55ish, right as I was finding a parking space and getting out my car. I ended up having to run through the rain (and it was POURING) and getting soaked. It didn't start really raining until right as I made the last turn before pulling into a parking space. And it only lasted about 15 minutes, I was told.

Onto the next bad thing, not as bad, but annoying. I was told to be at work at 7 am. I was there at 6:59. The way it works is, I wait in a waiting room for someone from the hotel to come get me. No one did until 7:10, and because they were late, they docked my pay. Also because of this, and because I was the last group in, the 3 people with me and I didn't get jackets to wear over our T-Shirts. So we went in and started working, with 70 other people looking fancy, and me in a t-shirt with a nerdy saying about electricity and Star Trek. Needless to say I felt foolish.

The silver lining: A few minutes in, one of the guys who was doing the audio for the breakfast (it was a breakfast for the girl scouts) came over and told me he found my shirt quite funny, and when I mentioned the reason for not having a jacket, he scoffed and told me I should keep wearing my t-shirt itself because of how much of an "epic win" it was. Also, later when I was on break, he found me and had me show it to a friend of his. So that was sorta cool. I ended up getting a jacket before guest arrived.

How Life Changes Off of Little Random Things: As I was finishing up my shift, my new friend came over and asked if I had a full time job, and if I had any experience in audio. I explained that I had been a sound technician for weddings at my church for years. We talked for a while, with the end being that he asked me for my resume and contact information, so I now very probably have a better job lined up for the rest of the summer. All because I was almost late and wasn't wearing the overjacket like I was supposed to be doing.