Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Ode to Minecraft

I wonder, as I wander, through these cubes piled so high,

when will it end, when will I die?

For the monsters are out there, ready and tall,

To put an arrow right through me, and tear down my hall.

I spend so many hours, building my keep,

tall walls that surround it, their benefits I reap.

cap'd with tall towers, perched on mountaintop,

the castle of Andy, is solid as rock.

Below in the mountain, I've delved and I've dug,

and carved out a city, hidden deep from above,

the rooms and the vaults are all full as can be,

holding my treasure, and a tall Christmas tree.

Back up above, one peak tops the rest,

Upon it, my watchtower, watching the west,

and the east and the north and the south all as well,

On the lookout for monsters and minions of hell.

My fortress is perfect, my castle is tight,

But sometimes I must leave, and venture into the night.

Each time's a battle, each time's a risk,

There's even giant spiders thrown into the mix.

So what will become of me in this my dark world?

Stay safe and bored in my castle, or see my banner unfurled,

as I step into the wild, out into the unknown,

I wonder, as I wander, am I really alone.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want

It's a hard life lesson to accept, but one that touches all parts of our life. There's no such thing as inherent fairness in life, excepting what we create, and fate plays no favorites. Even though we all want things like a new car, a bigger house, and even something that's considered less selfish, true love, we won't always get it, and it's just life.

Whether it's never finding your soulmate, or worse, finding one you consider to be it and having that person reject you, many times life Doesn't work out. Even worse than being rejected, is having to reject someone else. An unmutual interest is bad on Both sides. Whatever the situation though, for whatever reason, you could, as scary as it seems, end up alone.

Is it really that bad?

Maybe. I had a friend tell me recently that she didn't even know what she was working towards anymore. What is the point in the end of amassing wealth if one has no one to share it with. That's certainly a valid point of view, but I reject it, because I don't think that love is in a catagory of it's own. What is the point of anything? Money, power, wealth? We all die in the end, and on that deathbed, all the money in the world isn't going to save you. By the same key, the love of your life holding your hand isn't going to save you either, and if you are the one holding the hand, it's the most painful thing in the world.

I'm not saying that finding that perfect someone is pointless, nor that we shouldn't attempt to do so. But failing to find him or her isn't the end of the world, similarly to a failure to become a millionare isn't. It's just one aspect of life, and there are others. Close friends, family, they can all fill emotional gaps.

We must realise that there are no guarantees in life. Being rejected sucks, but it's nothing to be mad about, it's just part of life. Move on, maybe we'll find somene, maybe not. That's one of the reasons I hate when people say, ohh there are plenty of other fish in the sea, or don't worry, you'll find someone eventually. You very well might Not. If we accept that fact and live with it, we acn avoid a whole host of depression, and overall live happier lives. Just need to accept that you can't always get what you want.


Monday, December 27, 2010


I wake up so early,
it's 1 pm,
who turned the lights on?
warm bed for the win.

I hate getting up,
but I hate going to bed.
Should I sit up?
Naw, I'll go back to sleep instead.

2 hours later,
I'm finally at class,
trying to listen,
but the prof goes so fast,

Write down my notes,
Even study them too,
When the exam rolls around though,
I never have a clue.

At least some things are up,
I've got my friends,
Hang out, play xbox,
I can watch the trends,

Of which games are up,
which games are down,
Man, I love halo,
but I look like a clown,

When I try to shoot doubles,
or I bust out my sword,
at least I can be 1337
when I'm fighting the hoard.

Sometimes I go out,
Walk around town,
Watch the snow falling,
campus's winter evening gown.

So peaceful out there,
when there no one hear,
I burst into song,
Until strangers appear.

So my life isn't bad,
but I do have one wish,
I wish for one to share it with,
Without using a satellite dish,

or a wifi connection,
Or a cable internet wire.
I want to hold her hand,
no I'm not a liar,

I want to kiss her lips,
touch her face,
hold her in my arms,
wouldn't that be grace?

Yes I want someone to share it wish,
Share my life, she'll be my mirror,
fight here in Halo even,
Ha, you're goin' down, dear!

Someday I'll find her,
Keep searching 'til then,
I know that she's out there,
That day will be full of win.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pedestal

A friend of mine wrote this poem recently, and it got me thinking about people's relationships, both romantic and platonic.

Nice boy, what makes you think you could pursue a goddess?
Offer gifts, quake in her presence, avert your gaze, grovel,
you in your lowly state could never please her.
She’s transcendent, she's out of your reach.
You’ll never have her,
ignored despite the fact it was you that made her.
You’re so afraid to be impious,
to forget what you've claimed as your place.
Try looking at her with confidence, humbled and human,
vulgar, chaotic, remarkable.
The girl doesn’t want to be what you’ve made her,
but the goddess will never love you.

Growing up, I used to say that 'girls are dumb', because they always chase after guys that are jerks, and ignore the nice guys. Later on after taking some psychology courses in college, I refined, 'dumb', and posited that many if not most women are emotional masochists. However, it's not just women, but men as well. All of us seek perfection. We chase the unattainable, and ignore the attainable. It's a huge turnoff if someone actually is interested in us. And why not? If that person is interested in ME, can she really be worth all that much?

We chase the unattainable, we chase those who hurt us. Possibly because we are emotional masochists, we enjoy the pain. But that's not really it, other than as a punch line. We don't enjoy the pain, no one enjoys the pain. We seek perfection, and the only ones that are perfect are the people that we can never get close enough to to see the flaws. And so we chase them. But as the above poem asserts, are we in fact so addicted to that ideal, that perfection that cannot exist, that we have to create it? We ignore and blind ourselves to reality, we put the object of our desires up on a pedestal so high that we in the end create the unattainableness we seek, because in reality, almost never is someone really unattainable if we have the right mindset. Maybe they aren't interested, maybe they are already taken. But not unattainable for the reason of being superior.

If we could all get rid of the idea that we are inferior, and realize that that pedestal is created by our own mind, then suddenly the unattainableness goes away. But we won't, because then we'd have to face the even worse reality, that our God or Goddess is actually not perfect, but just as flawed as us.