Monday, December 27, 2010


I wake up so early,
it's 1 pm,
who turned the lights on?
warm bed for the win.

I hate getting up,
but I hate going to bed.
Should I sit up?
Naw, I'll go back to sleep instead.

2 hours later,
I'm finally at class,
trying to listen,
but the prof goes so fast,

Write down my notes,
Even study them too,
When the exam rolls around though,
I never have a clue.

At least some things are up,
I've got my friends,
Hang out, play xbox,
I can watch the trends,

Of which games are up,
which games are down,
Man, I love halo,
but I look like a clown,

When I try to shoot doubles,
or I bust out my sword,
at least I can be 1337
when I'm fighting the hoard.

Sometimes I go out,
Walk around town,
Watch the snow falling,
campus's winter evening gown.

So peaceful out there,
when there no one hear,
I burst into song,
Until strangers appear.

So my life isn't bad,
but I do have one wish,
I wish for one to share it with,
Without using a satellite dish,

or a wifi connection,
Or a cable internet wire.
I want to hold her hand,
no I'm not a liar,

I want to kiss her lips,
touch her face,
hold her in my arms,
wouldn't that be grace?

Yes I want someone to share it wish,
Share my life, she'll be my mirror,
fight here in Halo even,
Ha, you're goin' down, dear!

Someday I'll find her,
Keep searching 'til then,
I know that she's out there,
That day will be full of win.

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