Monday, January 31, 2011


Oh sweet second, where have you gone?
Your quick life passes, seemingly just a pawn.

Oh minor minute, sing your sweet song.
Alone you're so short, together you're long.

Oh harsh hour, I watch you go by.
One long rotation, then I must say goodbye.

Oh damn day, will you ever end?
I want to get home, I need a friend.

Oh yawning year, you all blur together.
After so many, it's time to cut my tether.

Oh tremendous time, so fast so slow.
Will we ever be free of you? We do not know.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things We Don’t Say

Things We Don’t Say

The things we don’t say,
When we think them,
When we feel them,

The things we don’t say,
To our friends,
To our love,

The things we don’t say,
They mean so much,
They are the most important things,

The things we don’t say,
They become our biggest regrets,
I love you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Purdue, Purdue, What Are You?

Purdue, Purdue, what are you?
Your buildings made of brick.

Your towers tall, with many a hall,
students watch time tick.

From clocktower high, it soars to the sky,
surveying all it sees.

Akin to those, whom Johnson drags to new lows,
they pass the rest with ease.

Purdue, Purdue, what are you?
the students in your care?

Some study hard, some play the bard,
and those who drink aren't rare.

Then are some, when called they come,
to save us from the horde.

The zombies foul, who scream and howl,
vanquished by nerf and sword.

Purdue, Purdue, what are you?
cradle of quarterbacks?

And astronauts, plus new robots,
you don't cater to the quacks.

But for the brains, it pours, it rains,
Nobel prizes you acquire.

You bring them in, gold medals pin,
to greatness, you aspire.

Purdue, Purdue, what are you?
Shiny gold and black.

Our greatest years, we'll remember with tears,
we'd never give them back.

Never done, but always fun,
You give us our degree.

Costs work and sweat, it's a sure bet
the best things in life aren't free.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear Ms Right,

Dear Ms Right,

I know you are somewhere,
I know you exist.
I might even know you,
Wouldn't that be a twist?

Give me a sign,
Let me you know you are here,
Or I'll pass you by
Never knowing, I fear.

Stop hiding away,
stop dodging my sight,
come out in the open,
it's okay, I don't bite.

Or stay in the shadows,
Stay far away,
Don't let me see you,
It's alright, it's okay.

But do remember this,
Many years from today,
When I'm far far gone,
You may regret this day.