Saturday, January 2, 2010

New TSA Regulations

Following the attempted bombing of Flight 253, the TSA in their infinite wisdom has declared new regulations on all of us. The short version is, you aren't allowed to do anything during the last hour of your flight except breathe.

No getting up to use the bathroom (even little kids), no laptop computers, no food, no drinks. You can't even read a book. Now, I'm not going to get into how many civil liberties this violates, because the government doesn't care about such trifling concerns. The Patriot Act started it, and Obama has continued, if not gotten worse. All I'll say is that the Founding Fathers (after being taught was a plane was) would declare a revolution was needed against this Tyranny.

However, there is hope. The security measures are like a magnet on a slippery refrigerator. Constantly slipping down, and then every once in a while shoved back up suddenly. Things will calm down and the regulations will slowly be relaxed, because people don't really care. Even the TSA doesn't care. They are only doing this, in a knee jerk reaction, to curry public favor. To try and look as though they are Doing something, and damn the rest of us for wanting to not be controlled.

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