Thursday, November 10, 2011

The End of Rick Perry's Campaign

Every time Rick Perry opens his mouth, my mind of boggled further at how he could have gotten this far in politics. He's hands down the worst public speaker of a politician I've ever seen. Not to say he's a bad guy; it's just that public speaking is a requirement for the job he wants.

He started out as THE anti-Mitt Romney. The one to really compete. Yet he's had a series of bad debates, which plunged his numbers down into minor candidate status. Yet his donations have held up in the front-runner status. Last night was the first debate in weeks, and his chance to come back, have a good showing, and convince people he's still up there in the running.

And then the debate actually happened ....

He's since said that he isn't ending his campaign, but I feel like this will still mark the beginning of the end. People can forgive one misstep, even one as bad as last night. But not when it's coming off a long series of similar missteps, and instead of showing improvement he's getting worse.

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