Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to The New Year

We're a week in to 2012, and this is my first post. There is a reason for that though. My parents were gifted with a coffee/tea mug that for some reason had metallic glaze on the handle. Not microwavable. However, they forgot about that fact and had it sitting with all their other mugs in a cabinet, and I used it to make tea. I put it in for 40 seconds. 40 seconds, hardly a long time. When it finished, I grabbed the handle to be safe, instead of the main hot glass part. In the time it took me to let go, I burned my hand badly enough that blisters were rising all over it within seconds.

Let me tell you, ice cannot be over rated. I kept the blisters on the inside of my hand on ice for a good 6 hours straight after it happened. Somehow one happened to be on the side of my finger, possibly from when I pulled my hand away. That one didn't get as much ice, and over the past days since it's happened it is distinctly worse. More painful, and just more nasty looking.

But the reason I haven't been blogging is that one of the bigger blisters was on the inside tip of my index finger, making typing difficult. At this point it's still interfering, but not enough to stop me. And there's been so much I missed! The Iowa Caucus! Bachmann dropped out, Perry would have if he didn't have so much money. If he and Gingrich don't have a showing on super Tuesday, it's over for them. And Santorum has to keep up the momentum or he's out.

Damn, I never thought Santorum would be a front runner. One of the candidates who would cause me to vote for Obama...

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