Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Good Day!

Back during my sophomore year at Purdue, my best friend and I dared each other to create PlentyOfFish.com accounts (POF being a free dating site). Almost immediately thereafter, we both forgot about them.

Last Christmas, I went on several dates with a girl I'd been friends with for a long while. It didn't work out unfortunately as I realized I couldn't get her past the friend stage in my mind, but it left me much more aware of the fact that I was single. It didn't bother me too much during the semester because I was busy, but since I've come home for the summer, it's been more lonely; especially after one of my good friends moved away permanently.

So, a few weeks ago I opened up the old POF account, completely rewrote and updated it, put in a bunch of pictures, and then waited to see what happened. A cool feature is that you can see who looks at your profile, and when I saw a lady pop up who was here in Indy for the summer, but would be going back to Purdue as well this fall, I decided to take a leap.

After messaging back several times, we met up for a lunch date today. I figured that since it was a constrained time (during her lunch break), she'd have an excuse to head back early, but if it went well, it would leave both of us ready to meet again.

I think it went really well, we met up at a Fazoli's somewhere near where she works, and talked and ate. No awkward pauses, no uncomfortable silences longer than a few seconds. We left cordially and I planned to call her this evening to ask if she would be interested in doing something over the weekend, but before I could, she texted me. I guess something went right, lol.

And so this coming weekend, at the very least I'll have an enjoyable afternoon/evening, and at the very best I might be starting something awesome. Such a good day!

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