Thursday, September 20, 2012

Catstache's First Website!

Catstache Design, LLC finished it's first website yesterday. While it would have taken all of a week or two had I been working full time, it ended up taking nearly a month. Productivity really takes a hit when 3/4s of one's time is suddenly involved in going to classes and working on homework.

Anyway it's a simple WordPress site, with custom home, contact, and portfolio page templates. I did have to fork a plugin that added a page widget, but overall it wasn't too complex. You can check it out at:

The most complex part was figuring out how to install WordPress on a Network Solutions hosting package. There were several tutorials, all of which were out of date. Didn't help that their control panel is pretty terribly designed. But in the end it got figured out.

We're starting on our next project already. The initial design work was completed over the summer but it got delayed. And someday I need to find time to actually build out own site. Someday ...

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