Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holy Moly I'm Back

So you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything since October of last year. I can attribute this to my life getting busy. A, I met a girl. And B, I just recently graduated from Purdue and got a real job. Prairie Engineering was the lucky firm that snapped me up. I'm working on building a corn seed treatment facility in Rushville, Indiana.

Lets see, besides graduating, getting a job, and finding a lady, not much has changed. I'm still the libertarian, geeky, philosophical engineer that I've always been. One sad thing is that Catstache has sort of died down. I don't have time to do anything with it, unfortunately. It's still legally a company, but it's inactive.

I'll try to start posting here again. Most of the reason I haven't been is that it's been so long that every time I look at it I feel guilty for not posting, and so put it off. Well, here's the first one in months, so hopefully we'll break the trend. For now though, I'll leave you with a song.


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