Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Happened

Well, my last post (a long long longgggg while ago) mentioned that I was changing over to a new blog. This didn't happen. Long story short, it was supposed to be tied in to my new website (, but my new employer wanted me to redesign their website. I hadn't finished, so I used that as a development area. And it's still not finished. Months later.

It's going to be done by the end of this month though, so I can FINALLY get everything transferred over. So, just a recap of things that happened that I was interested in and would have wrote about since my last post:

Xbox One and PS4!

I got a Twitter account!

I got a new job!

I got MARRIED!!!!!!!!

I moved to a new city.

Marriage Equality is spreading like wildfire.

I've gotten really involved with WordPress... two plugins, I'm on a core plugin team, and I've submitted several improvement tickets.

I've gotten involved with StackOverflow as well.

And a lot more. Anyway, I'm still alive.

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