Thursday, September 11, 2014

How Far We've Come in 13 Years

It's been 13 years since extremists attacked the USA. 13 years, and the world seems just as dangerous as it was before. The heady days of the Arab Revolution, when waves of democracy and popular rule were sweeping the middle east, are long gone. Egypt is back where is started, Syria never finished falling in the first place, and Libya is in the middle of a new civil war. Not to mention ISIS. Oh and Ebola is slowly decimating Africa, country by country.

But consider this. Osama Bin Laden is dead, along with nearly every senior Al Qaeda commander from the time. The new World Trade Center building is almost complete. Unemployment is getting close to falling under 6%, and the GDP is up. Plus technology marches on. Direct brain to electrical connection, internet so fast you could download the Library of Congress in minutes, fully electric cars which go hundreds of miles between charges, and even reusable rockets which can land vertically, all coming down the pipeline.

The world is in a race. A race between technology and entropy, and I speak of entropy metaphorically. Entropy is the forces of chaos, the forces of destruction. Extremist religion (of all flavors), global climate change, diseases such as Ebola, poverty, and even just the natural slow progression of all governments into totalitarianism.

And it isn't new. History and human civilization are cyclical. The forces of chaos knock everything down, and then we slowly rebuild. We get knocked down, and we rebuild. 1200BC, 500AD, both times civilization collapsed. But each time, we retained more technology than before. The only question that remains is how far we can get before the next collapse. I have high hopes. I look around and see how fast we are progressing, and I think we can beat it. I think that my generation can be the first to permanently colonize something that isn't on Earth. We we can spread out, we can finally break the cycle, and then how far do you think we'll go?

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