Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting My House In Order

If anyone has happened to drop by my website,, recently, you'll find that a lot has been happening. The RMA website finally got moved to it's permanent location, then I got my own design up and online. To get it up quickly though, I did some lazy coding and used a template for almost every page. Over the past week, I've been fixing this, and last night I was ready to transition to the finished version.

I decided to use the opportunity to totally uninstall WordPress and reinstall in a sub folder, as part of a general housecleaning of my root hosting folder. Everything is now nicely organized into subfolders under public_html, with corresponding subdomains.

public_html/www =
public_html/development =
public_html/smartsearch =

And so on and so forth. This will make maintenance easier in the future because everything that isn't part of the primary site is separated from the WordPress installation.

The final point of order is this blog, which I will expand upon in the next day or so.

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