Sunday, September 12, 2010

Positive Experience

People hear stories all the time about Police running rampant, going into homes illegally, shooting dogs, etc. We never hear about all the good things they door, the day to day activities. I had a very positive encounter with the Purdue Police Department(PUPD) today, and I'd just like to give them a shout-out:

I ride a bicycle to and from campus, because it makes the 10 minute walks into a 2 minute ride, and gives me more time before I have to leave. Purdue provides bike racks quite plentifully, and on Saturday around 1pm, I returned to my dorm from work, and locked my bike to one. Later than night, I noticed that someone (presumably tired of looking for an empty spot), had instead locked their bike directly to mine. I didn't do anything, and left it until today, figuring the person would leave sometime. This evening though, I had to leave for work again, and it was still there. I called the PUPD and explained, and the dispatched an officer to my dorm. Within 15 minutes, he was there. After I showed him the bikes, he got out the metal cutters and removed the lock which the unknown person had used, thereby freeing my bicycle. He spent 30 seconds afterwards taking down my name and phone number, and then I was free to leave with my bike.

No problems, no issues, just the bike lock resolved quickly and politely. Thank you PUPD!

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