Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Break

I just got back from Fall Break, which was definitely needed. The past 3 weeks burned me out, with 3 exams, lots of labs and homework, and more importantly, the career fair. So, I went home and slept ... quite a bit. I did hang out with some friends back in my hometown though, which was nice. We had a cookout, and then we had lunch at a bar the next day. A bar! I went to a bar. Crazzzzy, I know.

Drove back this morning after getting a hair cut. We had an interesting drive, because there was a merge left sign, saying that the right lane would be ending in a few miles. I merged early, and I got steadily more annoyed as our lane slowed and the right lane kept going fast and passing us. They'd go up until the very end and then get over, slowing down my side. So after a few minutes, I pulled back into the right lane myself. And then I stopped.

Not really stopped entirely; I went the same speed as the car beside me in the left lane. I almost got rear ended, and the truck behind me did honk a bit, until he realized I wasn't moving. It slowed down the number of people merging up at the end, and as a result the left lane started actually moving.

The weird part though, happened at the end. We got to the merge point ... and it didn't merge. There was a traffic truck, on the side of the road, and that was it. Then we all sped back up. Not sure if it was a sadistic joke being played by INDOT, or if we got there right at the end as they were cleaning up. But my actions we based on the idea that there WAS a merge, and I'm glad I stopped the people of the right lane.