Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First WP Bug Report

I reported my first bug with WordPress today. I created a new development site, dev.andymercer.net, to test out my plugins with WP 4.0. Admin Classic Borders works perfectly, but I found an odd occurrence with Featured Galleries. Using it seemed to break the post editing screen.

I tested and found that the problem is a change in the header above the editor for 4.0. When this new version of WP is released, the header will become sticky, and it'll follow as you scroll down the page. It works by using JS to detect when a user starts to scroll, and changing the header from normal positioning to fixed, which lets it follow you. When a user scrolls upwards, the fixed positioning is eventually removed.

The problem occurs when you are scrolled down enough to cause the fixed positioning to kick in, and then suddenly are at the top of the page, without scrolling up. The can occur when remove a metabox, such as featured image. This causes the page to shrink suddenly, but doesn't trigger the JS to fix the header. I'm glad, because it's a problem with the new header code, not with my gallery.

Hopefully I found it early enough to be fixed before 4.0 comes out. You can follow along, and read more about it, here:


EDIT: Ticket was just assigned to the 4.0 milestone, meaning it has to be fixed before 4.0 can be released.

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