Friday, July 18, 2014

WordPress Media Selector - Mobile

WordPress 4.0 is coming along quite nicely, with Beta 2 being due soon. One area I'm very excited about is a makeover of the mobile version of the Media Selector. This is the popup that lets users insert media (pictures, video, etc) into posts. On the phone is currently looks very broken, so there's a big push right now to give it an overhaul. This is what you'd see on a phone right now, with WordPress 3.9:

As you can see, everything is squished because of how narrow the screen on a phone is. To address the problem, two major changes have been made. If the sidebar is removed, and the options a the top are changed from text links to a dropdown menu, everything gets a lot nicer. Throw in some CSS to make sure all the images are in a nice looking grid, and suddenly you have this:

Two changes can make a huge difference in the usability. I'm very excited about this change, along with everything else that is coming down the pipeline regarding media. WP just keeps getting better.

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