Monday, August 4, 2014

Converting Logo to Scalable SVG


When coming up with a logo, I took inspiration from the first letter of my name: A. I played around with many variations, and eventually came up with a symbol which resembles an A but isn't exactly the same.

I took my sketches out ideas, and went into to come up with a sharp looking PNG icon. I started out large, at 500px by 500px, and then resized down to come up with an icon which looks decently sharp (I've played a gray background under it to make it easier to see):

I plugged it into my website (my WIP website which has been sitting on my localhost for 6 months now, awaiting the availability of, and left it there.

Recently I built a site for my partner at Catstache, and when I tested it on a high-res screen, her logo looked terrible. I realized the problem was that it was the only thing on the site that wasn't vector. I immediately remembered my own logo, and sure enough when I tested, it too looked blurry when zoomed in. I set out to rebuild it in a vector format.


I chose SVG as my format because it's the mist widely support vector format. Every web browser will correctly render an SVG image, and it'll look sharp at any size. The issue is that one has to either build the image with a vector program (which I don't have) or code it manually, which sounds complex. Given my lack of Photoshop, I looked into coding it by hand.

To my surprise, I found that it's actually incredibly simple. You basically imagine a grid, starting from the top-left, and moving down. You define shapes, and give them an X and Y coordinate (higher being further right and down). That's it. I broke my logo into two polygon shapes, and defined each breakpoint.

<svg version="1.1" baseProfile="full" width="50" height="50" >
    <polygon points="15 5, 11 20, 39 20, 35 5" fill="white"/>
    <polygon points="10 25, 5 45, 15 45, 16.5 39, 33.5 39, 35 45, 45 45, 40 25" fill="white"/>

This ends up appearing as:

You should be able to see it, and if you zoom this page, it should stay super sharp. And only 4 lines of code. Success!

EDIT: I just viewed this post on my Galaxy S4, and the difference between the PNG and the SVG is enormous. The SVG is far sharper.

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