Monday, January 26, 2009

The KKK Today

A few months ago, a women from Oklahoma, recruited over the internet, was brought Louisiana for an initiation ritual at a remote campsite. After trying to back out, she was shot and killed. After the body was found, the local Sheriff arrested 8 people, one of which being a KKK leader, who is charged with 2rd degree murder.

It's one of the disturbing things to me, that the internet has being a breeding ground for hate, a recruitment ground for the KKK, or, more accurately, the KKK's, since there are so many now. Ironically, the largest currently, the "Knights of the KKK" states on their website that they are committed to a non violent solution to the "war on whites". Yes, because everyone is targeting Caucasians with hate crimes, right? I looked around a bit, and found that nearly all the public KKK websites state that they wish for non-violent tactics to be used. However, in an interview, the current Grand Wizard, or leader, of the Knights of the KKK, stated that if Obama was elected, he'd be shot. Amazing how consistent the KKK is, huh?

Interview Video:


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