Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food Finders, Drunken Bowling, and a Hospital

All of this happened yesterday, but I'm going to write it as if writing as it happened.

Saturday Morning, 4:30 am:

I'm quite tired, but it's okay, I get to sleep in tomorrow until mid afternoon. At 4 I've got people arriving for a reunion of sorts. My best friend, his g/f, couple other friends from high school, plus some friends we had made at Purdue in earlier years who'd moved away, and then friends here who were still here. We're all going to meet up and go bowling (for the under 21ers), then head over to Harry's Chocolate Shop.

I'll get a good 10 hours sleep, be up by 2, have a couple hours to get ready. Just gotta check Facebook and such (and this blog post) before bed, and .... well crap. Been a minute or so since I started that sentence. I did check Facebook, and it's a good thing I did, because I forgot I have other plans tomorrow as well, before the reunion. I told some other friends I'd go volunteering with them at Food Finders from 1-4, and they want to meet up for lunch first at 11:45am. I then totally forgot about it, until I read a reminder message on Facebook. That'll give me maybe 5 or 6 hours sleep .... I can do this. Bed!

Saturday Afternoon, 12:05 pm:

Well getting up wasn't fun, but eh, I'm a college student, I have to get up early every day, so I'm used to it. (Early being before 2pm). This is the first time I've eaten at Earhart dining court in a long while. I'd forgotten that popcorn chicken is one of the buffet salad toppings ... oh yes.

Saturday Afternoon, 5:00 pm:

With the right group of people, volunteering can be awesome. We go done a lot more then they expected, because we got organized and just got shit done. We packaged 700 boxes with a meal each for a family, then made laundry detergent bottles until the time ended. Throw in a sexual innuendo every few sentences for 3 hours, and a fun time was had by all.

We then went over to Target and I got some IBC root beer as well as new margarine and milk. Mac n Cheese is going to happen tomorrow. I just called my other friends to see when we're meeting up, and we'll be meeting up at the bowling alley in an hour at 6pm. They're already pregaming ...

Saturday Evening, 6:20 pm:

I just got to the bowling alley (gotta love these smartphones to send updates), and we're bowling now. Most of them are a little drunk already, and so we're having a pretty amazing time, all doing cool throws. After this one game, we're going to head over to Harry's. The guy who was supposed to bowl with us who was under 21 didn't even show up.

Saturday Evening, 8:00 pm:

Well what a fun night this has turned out to be. Let me recap since the last update. We went to Harry's, and then the under 21er called and said he had finished stuff, meet him at the alley? We said okay, and so drank really fast so we could go back. That is when things sort of turned. My one friend I'll call John. He decide to have 8 drinks in the 20 minutes we were there. And this was after pregaming with vodka. In the 5 minutes it took us to walk from Harry's to the bowling alley, he went from tipsy to flailing around and being nonsensical.

We realized that he couldn't bowl, he'd get us all thrown out instantly. I dragged him with the help of another sober guy into a locker room across the hall from the bowling alley, and we just sorta sat on him for 20 minutes. He wasn't calming down, but was getting worse, so his g/f picked him up and threw him over her shoulders (he weighs around 100lbs, straight up) and we carried him to the car, drove to McDonalds. We got him some food which he wouldn't eat, and some gatorate which he drank a little of. He then tried to make out with me in the parking lot until they pulled him off. We were a little worried about someone calling the cops on a public intox charge, so we drove to a different parking lot, much more secluded. He then proceeded to puke his guts out. He's getting worse though, less responsive. He can't feel his legs.

Saturday Evening, 9:30 pm:

We're at the hospital now. He was getting worse. Maybe just needed to sleep it off, but you see all those signs around talking about alcohol poisoning ... so we're in the hospital waiting room.

Saturday Evening, 12:30 pm:

Been 3 hours, but we're finally leaving. The first calmed him down, then gave him fluids through an iv as well as making him throw up more. He's still drunk now, but he's awake and here, mentally, so that's good. Only a few of us still here, but we're all headed home now.

Sunday Afternoon 3:00 pm: (Finally caught up)

I woke up about an hour ago, I just kept sleeping, and it felt nice. Pretty interesting day yesterday. I think today I'll bust out the homework and try to get a head start on the week. I've 3 three things to do, then I'm done with homework for the semester. Dead week here we come.

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