Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I haven't been active on here since coming home for break, and while I'd like to say that's because I was just too busy, that wouldn't be true at all. In fact I've been doing a whole lot of nothing, and it's been glorious. Relaxation is a beautiful thing coming off a hard fought end to the semester.

Today (obviously) is Christmas, it's my first Christmas as an atheist, and it felt quite strange. I ended up going to church with my family out of sentiment, but felt like an outsider. Which makes sense I guess. It certainly wasn't the relaxing experience it used to be. But that's life I guess.

In better news, gifts were successful on both sides. I got several really cool things, including a brother pig t-shirt that my epic graphic designer friend made for me using the iron on shirt stickers.

I also got the limited edition of The Art of Building Worlds, number 400 something. AWESOME book, hardcover with real signed prints as well.

I did have a screwup in my own gifts to people. Two of my friends are now dating, and so I got them a pair of shirts. For her, a shirt that said, I Beat My Boyfriend at Video Games, and then for him, I Let My Girlfriend Beat Me At Video Games. Funny right? They thought so. But then we looked at the sizes. Turns out I flipped them. The XL was a S, and the S was an XL. Oops.

The extended family came in wonderfully as well, I got just over a hundred bucks in cash from the extended family, grandmas and aunts and the like, which went right back out to pay for my $140 extra charge on the cell phone bill for extra texts ....

Here's hoping your own Christmas was as fun. Merry Christmas, and to all a good night.

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