Monday, May 21, 2012

Pokemon Cards Will Be Valuable! ... not

When I finally sold off all my pokemon cards, I saved one card. A special promo card, Mew. The special 151st pokemon; the 'last' pokemon .... until it got profitable enough to add another 100, then another, then more and more, and more games.

Still, it was supposed to be very rare because it was a promo card. However, after all these years, I checked on Amazon and it's selling for a grand total of ... wait for it ... 3 bucks!. Damn, did I make the right decision to keep it! I can sell it now and get all that money! That's HUNDREDS of pennies! Shopping spree!

Seriously though, it's somewhat disappointing. Only somewhat because I wasn't really expecting it to become valuable. One always hopes though, right?

Sorry I haven't been posting much this month. It's been a mix of hectic and utterly boring. I still don't have a job, because KK owner has delayed another week. I've got my Ruby environment set up, and worked my way through several tutorials. It's definitely a different experience, working from the command line. But it works. We'll see if I get to use it.

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