Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ruby on Rails

For many years I've had HTML in my toolbox. Several years ago I added CSS. Last summer I tackled Javascript/jQuery, mySQL, and PHP. Over the past year I've been polishing up my knowledge of these tools and practicing with them. Now however, it's time to add more to the toolbox. More being, Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails in a website framework, similar to PHP, but much more scalable, and so better for larger projects. It uses the Model/View/Controller programming ideal, which forces designers to separate elements of a web application (site) into different parts. When something goes wrong, it's easy to find the error because everything is in a specific place for it's functionality.

I've spent the past two days reading up on all this. There's a lot to take in, because it's not just Rails (Ruby on Rails), it's also Ruby itself, the programming languages that Rails is built with, plus Git, Github, re-learning the Command Prompt (or Terminal if one is on a Mac), etc. I found a nice long tutorial, so that's been helpful. It's as long as a book though, so it's taking time.

I spent many hours yesterday just trying to get a working development environment set up on my computer. Turns out most people who do this do it on a Linux/Unix machine or on a Mac. Only recently have people been trying to push to make it easier on Windows, and there's a nice installer package now, which is very recent.

I'm doing this of course, because Rails is what we're building KollegeKareer in, and it seems that that is what I'll be doing for the summer. Probably. If I ever get a contract to sign.

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