Saturday, April 23, 2011

5 Common Design Creativity Blockages, and How To Fix

I was working on homework for Intro to Systems Design today. It's what I like to call an administrator course, one which looks good on paper and makes the administration feel happy, without really being useful to students. The first question on the homework really demonstrates that. It goes:

Discuss 5 common blockages to design creativity and what steps can be taken to reduce their effect.

I'd like to share my first answer, which I was convinced not to actually submit by the fact that my grade is hovering between two letters at the moment:

Political Opposition: Fix the ballets and elect someone who will support your project.

Lack of Sleep: Coffee and Red Bull.

Environmental Concerns: Burn down the entire forest ... then there's nothing left to be concerned about.

Outdated Regulations: Talk to the county regulator, and if he doesn't prove cooperative, see above "Political Opposition", above.

US Patent Law: Bomb the US Patent Office, while simultaneously hacking their data center.

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