Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Koran Burning

In Florida several days ago, a small Christian church burned a Koran. Following that, large protests erupted across the middle east. One protest in northern Afghanistan ended with the mob overrunning a UN complex, killing and beheading, leaving 11 dead.

World leaders have begun condemning the violence, which is good. However, at the same time, they began to condemn the Koran burning, some going so far as to say that the Pastor responsible for it was to blame for the violence.

In America, we are guaranteed freedom of speech by the Constitution. That means freedom to make fun of people or things, and freedom to disrespect. A book is a physical object, and a piece of property. Assuming the Pastor acquired the Koran legally, then he is allowed to burn it. The pastor is in no way responsible for the deaths of the UN workers. Zero, nada, nothing. The people responsible for their deaths are the people that killed them.

Let me draw a parallel. Imagine an elementary school playground. The playground bully (Muslim extremists) decides one say that the slide is his and his alone. However, another child (Christian pastor in Florida) wants to slide. The bully tells the child not to, threatening violence if he does. The child refuses to stop, and the bully pulls out a knife and kills him. Now the teacher (Obama) comes and says, that killing is wrong! But, the child shouldn't have defied the boy in the first place! They are both equally wrong!

What we have here is the exact same situation, on a larger scale. America is afraid to say anything bad about Islam, because Muslim extremists threaten to hurt us if we do. Examples of this are: Draw Muhammad Day: canceled because the girl got numerous death threats. Muhammad on South Park: censored because Comedy Central got death threats. Now this latest fiasco. This time, he went ahead and did it. He defied them, actually disrespected Islam! Like any bully, the Muslim extremists in Afghanistan couldn't let their bluff be called, so they stormed a UN complex and beheaded people. (Note, though the crowd was 20,000 people, the city it took place in has a population of 375,000, which means that only 5% of the people were involved. I am not blaming Muslims in general, just the extremists among them who think violence is acceptable).

The US's response should be a swift execution of the people responsible. But instead, while we do condemn the bully with words, we equally condemn the ... person who stood up to the bully? Whaaaattt?


Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the action of burning a holy book is a good thing. It's not, in fact it's a jerk move. However, by condemning it, Obama is setting a double standard. He doesn't condemn people who burn Bibles, does he? And condemning both at the same time implies they are the two extremes (true) and both equally bad (not true). Killing people is far worse than burning a book.

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