Sunday, May 15, 2011

Living Alone - Week 1

It's really too soon to comment on what living alone feels like, because these first few days are not how the rest of the summer will be. Work starts tomorrow, and I'll have full internet in my apartment on Tuesday. Both of which will be welcome, as I've grown increasingly bored with nothing to do.

Having nothing to do is great, for a couple days. After 4 in a row, it's starting to outgrow it's welcome. I do, as of a few minutes ago, have light internet in my apartment. I call it light, because I'm sharing the wifi signal of a tenet on the floor above, and it's a pretty weak signal. Enough to connect to blogger though, obviously, as well as Facebook and Hotmail. Tuesday I'll have full highspeed from Comcast, as well as more furniture, courtesy of another trip (planned for tomorrow) to Purdue Salvage.

I'd like to give Purdue Salvage/Surplus a shoutout here, because of how great it is. I got the chair I'm currently using for 5 bucks, and the desk, for 20. I'm going to grab another table tomorrow, when the parents come up and I have access to a car.

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