Sunday, July 10, 2011


So it's been a few days since I've written anything, and there's pretty good explanation for that. Earth Defense Force.

While Insect Armageddon is actually the 4th EDF game to be released, it's only the second to be released on the US, and so it is for all intents and purposes the sequel to EDF 2017. And it continues the legacy quite well. Bad translations, semi-okay graphics, and more huge killer bugs than you can shake a fist at. It's wonderful, and I've probably spent a good 6 hours a day on it for the past few days.

Unlike 2017, Insert Armageddon has a full list of achievements spanning the entire range of gameplay, so thousanding it out is going to be a worthy task. Kill 10,000 ants, 10,000 spiders, 5,000 ticks ... the worst will be 10,000 gunships. But it won't be too bad, I think. I've already got 330 points, and I'm close on another 65 points. The rest will just take time.

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