Friday, July 1, 2011

Form Validation Update

I have my form validation working entirely in a mock up page. The problem is, when I move it into the real submission page, it just, doesn't work. It's like it can't see the javascript at all, whether I put it in a distinct file or put it in the page itself. I'm trying to figure out what on the page could be interfering.

It's 11:31 am now, I've got until 5 pm to finish. Updates to follow.

Update (12:13 pm): I found out the problem that was killing my validation script, which is good news. There is bad news as well though. FancyBoxes, the script I'm using the make my radio buttons look pretty, uses the prototype javascript library. It's similar to jQuery, and I just linked to it as well. The problem is even inducing just the library kills me script. I suppose I could dig into prototype and learn it. Or I could just go find a jQuery script that will do the same thing without being breaking my own code.

Update (2:51 pm): I did end up giving up on Fancy Boxes. I think it was worth it, because I'm really happy with the way my error validation turned out. One thing that caused quite a few problems was the type of html I was using. I was using strict, and so when the checkbox came into view, it increased the vertical height of the box it was in. I changed the doc type to html traditional, and removed that problem. That caused me 2 hours of re-writing. At the same time, I opened in IE, and had to redo quite a bit of css just for it, to make it all look the same. But it's done now, and works everywhere.


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