Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Musings of a Sleep Deprived Mind

As I move into the second half of my 22nd year, I find myself pondering age. Until we reach 21, birthdays are one of the most important days of the year. Sweet 16, you can date! 18, you're legally an adult! 21, drinkin'! And then ... aging becomes bad. Suddenly you are 30, and then 50, and your life is gone.

Time speeds up as one ages. Maybe it's because we are busier, maybe it's because we are more used to it, having been around longer. But it's a rare day now that seems to be going too slow. That's one reason I enjoy my job, I have so little to do this summer that the time crawls. But while they might seem unpleasant, it's still better to be here than to be dead.

I should be working on username validation at the moment, but the past two nights in a row I got about 4 hours sleep. I can do that for one night and go through the day just fine. Two nights stretches it though, and at this point I'm just trying to get through the first part of my shift so I can go take a nap.

Speaking of naps, I wonder, is it really us waking up when we go to bed? Stargate SG1 was based around the Stargate, a device which transported people to other planets. But one we didn't mention is that to do that, it killed the person walking in, sent a record to the other stargate, and then the other stargate compiled a new person. The person never knew the difference, because they seemed to be walking in and then out. But what if the initial gate malfunctioned and didn't kill the person walking in. There would be two? Which would be the real one? With sleep, is the personality and consciousness that is ME, disappearing when I go to sleep? Does something new awake each time, inheriting my memories?

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