Thursday, June 30, 2011

Radio Buttons, HTML

So radio buttons are interesting. I'd been trying to come up with a validation would let me check to see if at least one option was selected. The problem is that when the page loads and not options are selected, the value is that set of radio buttons ISN'T null or zero or blank. It's the value of the first option. So all the times I was trying say that is the value is null, give an error message, I was wasting my time. The value is NEVER null. It's just the first one until the user makes a selection.

This threw me for a long while until I wrote a script to tell me in real time what the value was. Once I found out the problem, progress was swift. I placed a placeholder option before the main options, and set it's value to blank. I then set it to display:none, making it invisible. Now on page load, the value IS blank, and so my if statement works.

You can see the test page here.

And I now have everything I need to validate the input for the data table. And 2 hours left of work.

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