Friday, June 10, 2011

IE 8, How I Hate Thee

I've been putting the final visual touches on my schedule creator, which works in tangent with my Purdue ICS webspace templates. It looks great on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. IE doesn't like me though. On IE 8, the directions popup box refuses to give a darkening effect, because IE 8 doesn't support rgba. On IE 9, my buttons are out of place because their absolute position is constant, while parts of the page that are relative are different on IE 9.

I could probably find and fix the IE 9 error, but the problems with IE 8 and previous are just innate problems in the browser. At this point I'm calling it quits. Upgrade to current browsers, IE 9, Firefox 4, or Chrome 11. Or hell, even Opera or Safari. If you cling to IE 6, then it's your own damn fault the page doesn't work.

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