Friday, June 17, 2011

Almost There

As I set for yesterday, my current goal in life is creating a webpage in which a user sees 10 rows of input boxes, with 2 columns. They will be able to enter 10 names, first and last. Upon clicking submit, the document will use PHP to send the information into a mySQL database. It will then pull that information out and display it in the order entered. Using options, the user will then be able to change the method of display, alphabetical by first name, last name, or order entered. Or reverse for any of those 3.

Yesterday I researched mySQL for the first time, and then moved to the PHP section of my code needed. I wrote up as proof of concept a comment box. However, while the comment box worked and took data from a submitted text box, it stored that in a plain txt file, not an SQl database.

Today, I got my mySQL database up and running, and figured out how to interact with it from PHP. I now have a page working allowing a user to add 2 names to the database. Next I need to change the code to a looping array which will be more efficient for 10 people.

The last big thing will be the different modes of display, and then I shall have all the tools I need to complete the big project which is still in the planning and therefore secret stage.

EDIT: (2:51 pm) I now have both the send to and retrieve functions up and working. Each person adds 10 new names, and then the PHP displays only the last 10 from the database. Now finally I am on to the last challenge, setting up the multiple display orders. Onward!

EDIT: (4:58 pm) Success! Check it out.

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