Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progress On The Table

It's Tuesday night, and I've spent the past few hours working on my project for the week, the interactive data table. I spent today working out the jQuery code for the search panel, which will show and hide rows depending on which check boxes are selected, without having to reload the page.

I've got that done, and there are 3 different columns in the table that correspond to search options. The tricky part was when clicking a box to unhide a category, getting it to only hide people in that category who were also unhidden with the other 2 categories. It's working now, but the code is sort of clunky, so tomorrow I'll try and figure out a way to cut it down.

Also tomorrow I'll work on the CSS and design of the page. I threw what is currently working together very quickly because I wanted to get to the jQuery, and it shows. It's all of 2 colors, ugly borders ... very unfinished. Which is okay, because it IS unfinished, and tomorrow I'll try to finish the visual aspects.

After that, I'll add in the jQuery for switching row organizations by column headers, which will involve writing out the entire table 5 times, organized each possible way, and then hiding and showing depending on what the currently selected column is. Finally, I'll work on the PHP to make it truely dynamic, with data pulled from a database.

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