Saturday, February 4, 2012

Date Auction Nominating

CESAC hosts a date auction each year, for charity. And each year, we ask CE students to nominate the students they want to be auctioned off. We then tally up the nominations, and ask the top 10 men and women. If one says no, we move to the next person on the list.

The problem is that to do this, we have students write down names on a piece of paper, and then one CESAC members sits in front of Excel for several hours tallying them all up. I've decided to try and address this (even though I'll be gone by the time the next Date Auction takes place).

The idea is, we have a laptop set up, and students come in, type in the name of the student they are nominating, and then click submit. What I hope to do is get access to the CE database of CE students, so that the PHP can quickly check it, match the name entered vs the list, and validate that it really is a CE student. If it's not, the PHP would grab the 5 closest last names, and give an error message, along with the possible corrections.

I did the first step today, creating the portal. Put in some pictures from past CE events, and made sure that it would fit on any screen and look right, which took a bit of time. The next step is getting access to the CE database, which will have to wait until Monday.

In other news, I've finished overhauling the main CESAC website, so it's now up to code. Should be possible to look into widening it now, and even trying out different styles and looks. That I might pass off to the next guy though.

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