Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Good Day

Yesterday was one of those days when everything lined up really nicely. Where I ended up going to bed thinking, that was really nice, nothing about it could have been better .. it was a good day.

I woke up at noon, sleeping in as I do every Tuesday. I went to my first class, my surveying lab, and got back the lab from last week. For the first two weeks I'd missed points on stupid errors, so looking at the 20/20 really raised my already high spirits. We proceeded to go over the work for next week, and it ended up being a much shorter lab than normal, so I got out after only 40 minutes instead of 2 hours.

I then took the bus down to the movie theater to ask them to donate a date for the CESAC Date Auction. I wasn't expecting much, because last year, only one place out of the five I went to actually gave me anything. Right away, the movie theater gave me enough free stuff for not one but really two dates. I then went to the next place on my list, Panera Bread, which said yes.

I stopped by the library, and the lady gave me a new library card for free, since it had been so long ago I'd lost my original. And I got a new book that I've been really looking forward to.

I then took a break, and with some coupons that I'd saved, I went to Arby's for a late lunch. Now, this might just by my local Arby's, but every time I go in, the experience is great. The staff is always super friendly, and half the time ends up upping my fries or sandwich size just because they're feelin' generous.

So I walked in, and to start with, they let me use two coupons, even though the coupons said only one per meal. Then, I sat down to wait, and the lady actually brought my food out to me, where I was sitting. Finally, after I finished, as I walked out the door, the closing door hit my hand, and I dropped my cup, spilling it everywhere. The staff member who was cleaning told me to go inside, grabbed me a new cup, and let me fill it up. It was wonderful. Great, great place.

I had my second class of the day at the point, and it was an exam. One which, I hadn't really studied for at all, given how easy a class it is. Social Psychology, I was making a bet that the exam would be as easy as the class had seemed, and I was right. With no studying, I'm almost sure I Ace'd it.

I then went to the first ITaP Student Advisory Council meeting, which always makes me feel good. Everyone's dressed up, there's 6 or 7 students, and 4 or 5 really high up people from ITaP. It's a place where you can actually have a big impact, because everyone uses the computer systems, and if your ideas are good, they get implemented, not lost in the bureaucracy.

Finally I walked home, and checked Facebook, then settled down with my new book until sleep.

A good day.

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