Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Productive Saturday Mornings

I've grown to love Saturday mornings this semester. It started as my traditional love for any day that I could sleep in on. My class schedule this semester though always leaves me on sleepy on Friday nights, and so I've been going to be early, (before midnight, crazy!), and then waking up on my own on Saturday morning.

Now if you are someone who's used an alarm to wake up your entire life, let me tell you, the feeling of waking up at the right time, all by yourself ... is invigorating. You wake up, not drowsy, and just .. in a good mood. That's how I feel in that situation, anyway.

It's been three Saturdays in a row now that this has happened. And I've been using it to get stuff done. Get up, walk down and put in a load of laundry. The half hour timing is just enough to come back, brush my teeth, grab a shower. Then back down to the laundry room, flip to the dryers. Then 45 minutes, normally I grab my shortest homework from the next week and finish it. Go down, grab laundry.

Suddenly, it's still Saturday morning and everything is done.

Messing around on Facebook, watching TV ... it's all so much more relaxing when there's nothing else that one Should be doing. While I normally don't care, (I normally procrastinate), in this case, it's becoming a habit. And a useful one. My productive Saturday mornings.

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