Saturday, March 17, 2012


When a friend came to me and wanted to start developing websites together, I was quite happy to oblige, because it gave me an excuse to hang out with said friend, and it would let me improve my mad web skillz. (Not to mention making a bit of money, which is never bad). Then she said we'd be using the software, and I was a wary. I'd never worked with it before, and I wasn't sure how it worked.

Most people know WordPress as a blog site, similar to Blogger (which powers this blog). However, that is is a different matter. Turns out that unlike Blogger, the underlying PHP for WordPress is open source, and offers it for free to people who want to host their own site.

According to above friend, we could use it, change the way it looks like a regular site, and sell it to the client. Unlike a site built with static HTML however, the client would then have a backend page to log into, where s/he could edit the content of each page.

Well damn, sounds great. So I download and install it on one of my sites, and then get it up. It looks nice under the default theme (themes let you change the look or the site), but I can't really figure out how to edit things. But that's okay, there's a program called Thesis that lets one edit themes more easily. So hopefully soon I shall be offering sites that allow easy editing. I'm a bit confused on what exactly it is, but we'll see as we go.

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