Thursday, March 22, 2012

What An Engineering Degree Gets You

Do you ever find yourself full after only eating half your meal, and want to be healthy and save the rest for later, but don't have clingy wrap? Well, the clever geniuses here in my head have found a solution! You will need:

Ziplock Baggy (x2):

Duct tape:


Food to save:

Step 1:
- Cut the bags down one side.

Step 2:
- Place one bag over one side of container.

Step 3:
- Place second bag over the other side.

Step 4:
- Wrap duct tape around to hold bags together

Step 5:
- Place covered container in refrigerator.

Now you can be healthy and eat less, and be more cost effective by making a can of chili last two meals. Success!

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