Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Murphy Strikes Again

Now that Gen Con is over, I should be sitting at home, relaxing and enjoying my last 2 weeks off. Nothing to do, no work, no class. Vacation! And then Murphy shows up.

Started last night around 9 or 10pm, my throat started hurting. Felt like something was caught there and stuck? But nothing was. Then it started getting constricted, swelled up a little and began to hurt more. My dad last year had an alergic reaction to a bee sting and had to be rushed to the hospital because his throat swelled and closed up, so he was worried about a similar thing happening with me (possibly a bit too worried as it turned out). I drank a few cups of really hot tea and took some muscle relaxant and that helped a bunch. Fell asleep and woke up with it not constricted anymore, but just really really sore.

But since then I've been sinking into a general bad cold. Head and jaw aches, stuffed up nose, coughing, etc. On my nice 2 weeks off, of course.

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