Friday, August 12, 2011

Space Battleship Yamato

I am caught up on Eureka and True Blood, and Falling Skies is over for the season. I needed new sustenance for my video cravings. Enter Space Battleship Yamato, also known as Star Blazzers. I found a remastered copy (It's from the 70s originally), and even that is pretty bad, but it's good enough to watch once. Turns out they just made a live action movie, so who knows, maybe a BluRay remaster of the original series is on the way.

General idea is that Earth is under attack by aliens, and the Earth Defense Force (Can anyone say EDF?) is losing. So it digs up an old WWII Japanese battleship, converts it to space travel, and it blows the hell out of the bad guys. I think. Just to make you jealous, I'll leave you with a small taste.


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