Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HvZ Spring 2011 - Day 2

4:12 pm

I woke up late today, and quickly packed up and headed out at 1:16 pm. I got to CIVL without any problems, and have spent a few hours working on homework and CESAC work. Everything caught up, I'm about to leave to head to class at WTHR, which is going to be a long and dangerous trek. Wish me luck.

4:21 pm

I've been bitten .. one of the buggers got me from behind, I was stupid and wasn't watching. He infected me (took my feedcode), and then left. I got to class and pumped myself full of antibiotics. It's a forlorn hope that they will stop the infection, but we'll know within 3 hours of the bite (zombie has 3 hours to turn my feedcode in online, or else I'm still human. It's because I can't play as a zombie until he does). Sadly, I'll probably be a zombie next time I update this.

7:34 pm

As the hours passed, my body grew weaker and more racked with pain. Tremors overtook me and finally I passed into a deep coma. I have awoken to find myself weak, but still human. Apparently my body was able to fight off the infection, and I have survived! (It's been over 3 hours, he still hasn't turned in my feedcode. I actually gave it longer, it was until 7:21, and I went until 7:30, still nothing). I shall continue my fight against the unclean! ... after work.

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