Monday, March 28, 2011

HvZ Spring 2011 - Day 5

12:59 pm

I'm meeting up with Matt and a few others. The same small squad that we traveled with to get the the mission last night. In HvZ, 1 experienced player with a good gun is worth more than 10 crappy newbies with socks, and all 6 of us have played before. We are meeting at Cary in a few minutes, and going to walk down to south campus again, to meet Scruffy and find out how to survive.

3:21 pm

Success! We have survived! The extraction mission was the best one yet, balanced and difficult, but possible, and we did it. About 40 humans made it I think. We started off with maybe 200 total, and we had to travel to two spots to disable ZSPN stations. Each spot had to be held for 4 minutes. South of Windsor, then up to Slater Hill. Finally, we traveled to Cary Courtyard for the final battle. We entered the courtyard from the Northwest corner, and traveled along the north side to another group of humans (we split up early on). Then we stopped, which was bad because we had to get Scruffy to the south side of the yard. I along with another human started shouting and rallying. Humans are like sheep, if enough people yell to do something, they'll follow directions. Together, we got them moving, and fought off two charges. We got to the south side, established two lines, and settled in to hold the spot for 20 minutes. We had about 150 humans left at that point.

Over and over the zombies charged. Respawns every 5 minutes, with rolling respawns from hiveminds, which meant 2 times every 5 minutes. I was in the front line, down on one knee, and over and over, the alpha trooper saved me. I ran through 3 of the 35 dart drums, moving back to fill both of mine up again during 1 charge in the middle. We slowly dwindled, each time taking less, and it was close. On the last charge, my side had about 15 humans guarding it, vs 50 at the beginning, and we lost about 5 or 6. We could have stood one more, maybe. But just before they charged again, the timer sounded. We had won! Success!

At the beginning of the video below, you can see one of the first charges, when we still were many. I give a little arm pump at the end.


So ends another game of HvZ. And so I can continue my claim of Surviving the week.

Fall 2009 - Survived
Spring 2010 - Survived until the final mission.
Fall 2010 - Survived until the final mission.
Spring 2011 - Survived

What will the future hold?

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