Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Overreaction And Christian-Bashing

In wake of the tragic earthquakes in Japan, a girl posted this video on Facebook. She exclaims how happy she is that God grabbed Japan and shook it (killing thousands) to let atheists know that He is here.

It's obviously an insensitive and cruel video, and it makes Christians look ... really bad. And already, people are jumping on the bandwagon to write about how evil it is, and in turn, how evil Christianity is. The problem is ... it's a fake:

What is the best way to discredit someone/thing? Frame it/them for something horrific. I have no idea if she is a Christian/Muslim/Atheist, etc. What I do know is, her video has brought on a slew of Christian-bashing blog posts and articles, as well as Facebook threads. Was that her original point? Probably not, I suspect she was just doing it to get a rise from people. But it's certainly being used that way, even by some bloggers that I normally have a pretty high respect for.

Example, CLS made a post in response. While admitting near the top that it was Satire, the blogger went on to use the video as an excuse to bash all of the "faith-inflicted" out there by responding as if the video was real, referring the video-poster multiple times. "She prayed that God would show he was loving, thousands of people are killed in a natural disaster" No, she didn't. She said that to provoke people, and she obviously succeeded, to the detriment of real Christians everywhere.

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