Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HvZ Spring 2011 - Day 1

Note: I will be editing this throughout the day, each entry will have a manual timestamp.

10:12 am

I'm about to leave for class, it's a pretty short distance, maybe 3 minutes on foot. At this early, I highly doubt I'd see any zombies, but one must always be prepared. I've got a nerf Alpha Trooper, which was loaned to me by a friend, and which I've fallen in love with. I'm loading it with a normal clip, and no stock, to keep the weight down. However, in addition to the bar minimum class supplies, I do have an extra clip, a Raider stock, and a full 35-dart drum in my backpack, for emergencies. Hopefully I won't have to break it out today.

2:47 pm

I got to class alright, and then after it was over at 1:30, had a short hop to CIVL. No biggie, I didn't see any zombies. I've been here now since then, getting math homework completed, now I've got to get to ME to turn it in. I won't be staying though, it'll be back out, and then back to Cary.

3:39 pm

My zombie count is now up to 1. I made it back to Cary with no significant problems, but while I was skirting the Engineering Mall, a headbanded (not OZ) zombie charged me. I put the old boy down with a single shot (again, loving this Alpha Trooper, it blows the Barricade out of the water in accuracy), and moved on. Skirting around the outside edge of campus, I tried to stay out of buildings as much as possible, but I did go through Physics to avoid the bus stop. There's no way to avoid the people there, and any could be an OZ. I'm leaving for EE in a few minutes, I have one class left tonight.

7:44 pm

I got to EE without any trouble, and then from there went to my friend Matt's apartment. We waited until 6 pm for the OZs to become visible, and then headed to Ford for supper. Maybe it was our fierce appearances, but we weren't troubled by any zombies. We then went back to his apartment and I continued to Cary. Tonight's mission starts in a few minutes, it's something about restoring the power to the safezones on campus. Matt I am will be meeting up again for it. I've gotta say, it's nice to have someone to watch your back who won't run at the first sign of trouble.

9:17 pm

Matt and I met up at his apartment and headed to the mission, but were late a few minutes. We caught a group headed for campus, and went up to Armstrong. With them, we bunkered down and held the spot for 15 minutes. It wasn't difficult though, as the only zombies we saw were Rave. They challenged us to a dance off, which we won. After the 15 minutes were over, we escorted our power-fixing NPC back to CL50.

We considered calling it quits for the night, but we got a call saying that the group which went to MEE was in trouble, still fighting, but needed help bad. We couldn't leave 'em, so we headed towards it. However, we were seemingly too late, because halfway there, along the east side of the Armory, we saw a huge hoard of zombies steaming in from the engineering mall. We backtracked around the south side and onto the east side of the Armory, the sidewalk. We got lucky, because the zombies hadn't charged yet. They were all coming up, but coming up slowly, trying to get into positions for a mass charge. We never broke formation and ran, but we also never stopped moving, and so we never gave them an opening. We were moving north along the east side of the Armory, feeling pretty good, when suddenly blocking the path was Rave. Being Rave, they wouldn't attack. But they weren't moving either. We checked for no cars, got an okay from the mod, and booked it across the street. We headed due west, along the north side of Lawson Hall and then to Tark. We ended up not losing a single person. At Tark the group broke in half, some going north and others west. Matt and I with a few others headed west. We dropped him off at his apartment and I continued back to Cary. I saw one more zombie, in the Cary courtyard, but he wasn't really thinking well because he charged me. 1 zombie vs an Alpha Trooper in the hands of a prepared human, no contest. I'm recuperating now ... a shower was needed badly after I got back ... and then I have to go out one more time. I've got to work at CIVL from 11-2. Getting there won't be a problem. Getting from there to MATH and then back, that will be tough. I'll update this one more time when I get back. Hopefully I'll be alive.

2:23 am

The day is done, I'm back at home safely. (Today isn't over until I go to bed, dammit) Getting to CIVL was easy, as predicted. Getting to MATH was more interesting. Zombie kill count +2. Getting home from MATH was interesting, because I was all pumped up from the encounter on the way there ... but it was for naught, because I didn't encounter a single zombie on the way back. Now, time for sleep. Goodnight, and stay safe.

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