Friday, March 25, 2011

HvZ Spring 2011 - Day 4

Note, day 3 has no entry because I had class all morning and afternoon, and then straight from that had CESAC duties.


9:30 am

My peaceful dreams of robots (I've been reading an Asimov robot book recently) were interrupted by my roommate's alarm. Even after he left, I tried to fall back to slumber, but could not, so I finally got up.

11:45 am

I haven't gone outside yet, my first class isn't until 4:30 anyway. I want to leave early though, because on Wednesday, I hurried to get to class and almost got killed for it. During the day, hurrying is a behavior of those with a deathwish.

2:05 pm

Matt and I are about to meet up. He's going to Chauncey Hill for a late lunch and I'm going to go ahead to WTHR where my 4:30 class is.

3:44 pm

I got to WTHR easily, without any significant problems. Matt and I parted ways at BRWN, because I could walk through the rest of the way. Class at 4:30, and then I'll have to walk back to Cary.

7:15 pm

The night mission is up soon, starting at 8. There are Zgames, and also a resistance mission, which is what I'll be going to. I'm meeting Matt again (safety in numbers), and will be headed down to the south side of campus. I'll give an update after I get back from the mission.

10:11 pm

The night mission did NOT go smoothly, at all. We started on the south side of campus, and traveled north. The goal was to destroy radio towers being used to broadcast the ZSPN games. However, as we approached memorial mall, we noticed that there was not a single zombie in sight. I decided that it was a trap, as did a few others. We convinced the group not to charge straight in. We detoured, and started scouting, moving toward the fountain by Beering. Still, no zombies. We saw groups of runners further north, but hid and weren't seen. We heard screams further north, but still weren't seen. We finally spread out and began to move north ourselves. I got separated from the group, going west to scout. I found a lone human standing watch beside a safe zone, and asked where everyone was. At the same time, I saw our group, north near Elliot. And a third at the same time, a group of 10 zombies saw ME. I stepped into the safe zone, and 2 other humans managed to get in. We parried words for a moment, and then one humans broke off, 2 zombies following. That only hurt the odds, for now it was 1 on 4. However, I had an alpha trooper, and my fellow human had a raider. After a minute, he pulled out a blowgun, sniped one, and then I darted forward and took out another. With only 6 left, we charged past, and then kept going. I took out 2 behind us, and the rest gave up.

I then looked for my group, staying in the shadows and dodging several hordes. At one point I almost triggered a witch, but was able to back away silently. I eventually gave up and made my way to GRIS where I have to work from 11-2.

I found out later, my group had continued on and accomplished the goal, capturing the broadcasting towers. This cost ZSPN quite a bit, and forced them to fire the Gladiators they'd hired, which will become important tomorrow, hopefully.

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