Monday, April 30, 2012

8000 More And I can Bust Out a Meme

I remember a while back I was browsing the stats page provided by blogger, and I realized I had just over 2500 hits (page views) total, since I'd started this blog several years ago. I felt pretty satisfied with that because I started this blog as just a personal journal of sorts. One where I could get my ranting out, or post things I'd learned.

Since then, I've actually been posting pretty often, trying to average one every other day. And I guess you all are interested enough to read. My hit counter for April just broke 1000. I'd been happy with 2500 over several years ... now we're looking at over 1000 a month. So thank you, all you nameless faceless readers out there. You just made my day.

Yet none of you ever comment or give me feedback ... Ya just look and then leave. Say something once in a while! Speaking of which, a good topic to give me feedback on is the lock of my blog. I'm considering switching to a modern theme. I took this one up back a long while ago, and have since edited it to make it wider. It's not even offered anymore, and it's quite out of date. Yet I like it because of the simplicity. Any thoughts?

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