Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Client Meeting for Catstache? Or Not ...

I had a meeting with a potential client for Catstache yesterday, pretty excited about it because it was the first person who'd actually contacted us. And we haven't even started advertising yet.

Aside from the guy arriving over an hour late, the meeting went pretty well, except that it wasn't at all what I was expecting. Turns out, he just blind emailed everyone on listed on the ITaP SAC (student council) website, because he's not looking to hire a company to build him a site, he's looking to hire individual people to join his company, to build the site in-house.

Then there is the scale. Catstache builds personal sites, either statically or powered by WordPress. Anywhere from 1-10 pages normally, it's not really a complex task. This site is more on the level of Facebook, from the sounds of it. At least Facebook back when it started.

It did sound quite fun, and even though I can't talk about the content of the proposed site (had to sign an NDA), I can say it fill a niche that is unfilled, vaguely related to the concept I was working on last summer with the virtual career fair site, but on a whole different scale.

Unfortunately, there's no team in place, no direction really. The owner of the site isn't a tech person, and is really in the starting stages of gathering up a team. I told him he needs to find, before anything else, a web consultant, who's sole job is just, looking at the site, step by step, piece by piece, and figuring out who needs to be hired to complete it all. Once there is a list of necessary people, work can start on hiring them all, and there's no risk of individual web devs getting screwed because of lack of help.

It's not a Catstache project, that is for sure. But depending on if he can round up others, I might be joining over the summer. Updates to follow.

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