Saturday, April 14, 2012

Catstache - Update

Yesterday I shared a first look at the website I'm currently working on, Catstache Design. I spent some time today working on it and polishing it up. I changed the colors somewhat, to move away from the green/teal look. Also added some shadows using the CSS3 Box-Shadow property. Which of course won't work on older versions of IE, so I'll have to create a work-around with images eventually.

IE is low on my priorities at the moment though, first I want to get the site design finalized. Granted, all this might change, because my partner has final say in how the site will look, given that she is the actual graphic designer. But for now, this is where we are at.

Thoughts? Better, worse?


  1. Hey, I'm not sure you know I read your posts here every once and a while. Your design looks good as far as my untrained eye goes. I like the new background color over the old one. Since your three boxes are all different color groups, you'll need a neutral background to balance them out.

  2. This is actually going to have been even more preliminary that I anticipated, because my partner finally sent over some sketches she has been working on, and it's quite different. But logically so in some cases.

    The bar in the center started out to have 4-5 buttons, then 3, now 2. No need for a full screen bar for two buttons, they'll be floating instead. The colors of the boxes up top might end up all the same as well. I'll be posting an update in the next day or two.