Thursday, April 26, 2012

Does ITaP Even Train LAs Anymore?

I had an interesting experience today while working trying to work on my final project for my surveying class. I'm using AutoCAD to create it, and it's a program which needs the mouse wheel for fine control zooming. I logged into a lab computer, and the mouse wheel was scrapped. You've probably seen similar mice, where you'll turn the wheel slowly and nothing will happen. A very quick turn will sometimes make contact, but it's very difficult to control.

I told the LA about it, because LAs can put in trouble reports and get new equipment sent out to labs. Her initial reaction was a laugh and say okay, when I told her. Seeing that I wasn't walking away, she sort of gave me a dirty look and said that she didn't have any, and would have to have someone else come bring it out, implying it would be a huge hassle. I didn't take the bait, and just nodded and say okay, and kept looking at her.

She grimaced, got up, and reluctantly followed me to the computer in question. I picked up the mouse, and slowly rolled it for a good 10 seconds. Nothing happened on the screen. She took it, and rolled it really quickly. Several times. Nothing happened. She rolled it again more quickly and harder, and it jerk zoomed in 2 or 3 levels. She then set it down and said, okay, anything else?

I'm like, not really, how long will it take a new one to get here? She says, nothing's wrong with it, it moved. I picked it up again and moved it for another 5 or 6 seconds with nothing happening. Finally she sighed and said okay and went and put in a trouble report.

Well to you anonymous lab assistant, ma'am, you need to get a new job because you don't know a thing computers, or customer service.

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